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See It, Like It, Do It: Achieving Your Dreams, co-authored by Michael and Manuela Noel provides you with the emotions of feeling hope, laughter and grandeur as you watch their lives unfold from having nothing to kissing a camel in Petra, lecturing to penguins in Antarctica, and driving a tank over an automobile in New Zealand!

The Noel’s share their sensational lives of joy, unveiling tips so you too can live the same incredible lifestyles. They begin by sharing with you bits and pieces of their struggles, stepping out of their comfort zones and letting go of their lives where only happiness reigned, with their respective families. Their advice to you about comfort zones, letting go in order to achieve your dreams, by never giving up, will provide you with a good look at success.

You will cheer them on, gasping for air in amazement while observing both Manuela and Mike fly by the seat of their pants, always landing on their two feet, because they were not afraid to take that left turn in life. Working hard, with their eyes wide open, and always watching for the next opportunity in life, will inspire you to get up and live every moment of your life, and never losing sight of your dreams.

You will feel embraced by the warmth of their giving spirits to reach out and help so many others achieve their dreams, and be happy you too, will know the goodness of two outstanding individuals who have been honored and recognized, by being inducted into the International Investor Hall of Fame, for their selflessness in helping others.

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“Manuela and Mike have created a masterpiece that should be read by everyone who desires a jolt of motivation and inspiration. From their mutual humble backgrounds to their amazing achievements, they will walk you through their ups and downs and share their wisdom on how to live life to the fullest. Their first encounter is hilarious and they personify the belief that spontaneity and synchronicity are an important part of a life well lived. I highly recommend this book for its simplicity and time honored principles that are sometimes lacking in today’s world. It will definitely inspire you to live your best life!!”

Roy Prevost, Author of: Turbocharge Your Retail Business - How to Outmaneuver and Outperform the Big Guys

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WOW! I want to dance in their playground. Life on the edge is appealing and we love where risks can take you, from the exotic corners of the world, to our own backyard. It was refreshing to read a story that takes you in the directions of possibilities, where you may have never thought before to be real, other than in a dream.

Kecia Doke, Writer, Colorado

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This was a fun read for me. I am a senior citizen whose lived a full extraordinary life, but stayed home to raise six children. Although life was very fulfilling for me, there were times I would daydream of travel and crazy adventures. Reading about the journey’s that Mike and Manuela experienced, was almost as though I had been there. Now, I have had the best of two worlds!

Vonnie Sanders, Retired, Montana

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“Love blossoms in the strangest places. Even what may seem like an intruder in Honey, I’m Home, turns out to tempt fate, twisting it into escapades of flying to Paris for dinner, to collecting wine and even a kissing a camel in Petra. Mike and Manuela, are living life by the seat of their pants from what appears to have all started with taking risks.”

Douglas Adkins, Retired Engineer, Washington

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In The Kiss that Changed Our World, Mike and Manuela tell the inspiring story of two very different people through their shared sense of adventure. They keep their relationship fresh and seize the excitement and passion that are life, by leaving their comfort zone. From they’re different upbringings to a chance late night coffee date, their lives for forever came together.


Alan Kane, MD, FACSn California

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“To know Mike and Manuela is to know love. A love that goes beyond the romantic sense with which a husband and wife can share. Together, their love for pursuing a truly fulfilled life by design – where they stay true to their hearts’ desires, make all their own decisions and embrace the challenges that come with them – is what fuels the notion where learning is the reward. I’m honoured to have witnessed first-hand the magic these two can create. As enthused collectors of life experiences and lessons, there is no doubt that this book has something to offer everyone.”

Tim Tsai, Mentor