Award Winning Authors

Michael and Manuela Noel are experienced business owners and investors with over 60 years of combined experience. Life was not always easy for Mike and Manuela but they had both been raised to know how to manage their money and live within their means, making the most out of what they had.

 They also learned that with perseverance, clear objectives and taking action they could achieve anything they wanted in life, and realize their dreams, by never giving up. The Noel’s have shown through example, that the most rewarding part of success is by helping others achieve their own dreams.

A while back, Mike and Manuela, established a Rent to Own business, but not so they could get rich on the backs of others, but so they could help those who dreamed of home ownership to become a reality. They helped countless others learn both the lessons of how to build on what they had and how to reach beyond their own imaginations to achieve more than their minds had allowed them to dare dream.

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